What Are The Benefits of Wooden Windows?

We guess you’re here because your windows at home need a little TLC or your windows need replacing, and you are currently debating between UPVC or wood? We think wood is becoming ever more popular options, especially for older buildings and those in conservation areas. Below we will give you some of the main benefits as to why wood is just as good an option as UPVC, and sometimes better.

7 Benefits of Wood Windows

1. Timeless Style

In the window world we have seen plenty of trends and fashions come and go but there is one thing for sure: wooden windows haven’t gone anywhere, and as we head into summer 2024 they are as popular as ever. They are so appealing because they offer a timeless design and they have never been dated. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with existing wooden windows then you should cherish them. They also attract the attention of architects simply because of their rich texture and grains of solid wood.

2. Easily Maintained and Repaired

If you’re renovating and replacing your existing windows, opting for a wooden window design will help eliminate droughts, help control noise pollution and improve your energy efficiency. The newer wood window designs should last around 50 to 100 years and are extremely low maintenance and only need redecorating every 8-10 years obviously depending on the weather conditions they’re exposed to. If you have older wooden windows don’t worry all is not lost as they can often be restored.

3. Lower Carbon Footprint

Wood is such a sustainable material and can be renewed and restored easily unlike other window materials like plastic steel and aluminium. Wood is also a natural insulator and has a huge carbon storage capacity allowing minimalistic environmental effect on your property. If you’re worried about heat loss then don’t think that has more to do with the glass than the frame. A strong sturdy wood frame with a high performance glass to help save money and energy use.

4. Wood Can Be Painted Any Colour

You may not want to repaint or redecorate your wooden windows at the moment but it could be a possibility in future. Should you want to, it’s easily done with a quick sand down and undercoat and two top coats.

5. Wood Can Still Be Double of Treble Glazed

Double glazed sash windows are so popular at the moment they not only allow you to keep the traditional look of a wooden window but also provide a more up to date energy supply. If your property is a listed building you need to check with your local authority and get planning permission before anything is changed.

6. Wood Can Last Longer Than UPVC

You may have heard that UPVC windows aren’t affected by weather damage, well that’s a total myth. They can become damaged especially if they are extremely exposed to sun. Eventually they will become brittle, look yellow and become unattractive. If this happens then the only option is available is to replace the full until. Unlike wooden windows that are easily maintained, regular repainting will essentially prolong your windows lifespan.

7. It Can Add Value To Your Home

Wood windows not only look attractive but they could potentially add value to your property. If your home is periodic then keeping a homely traditional look is highly important and a survey recently recorded that UPVC windows have a negative impact on some properties.

Getting New Wooden Windows Installed

If you’d like to discuss new wooden windows for your property, then be sure to get in touch with Raymond Good Joiners. We hand craft our wooden windows to ensure they perfectly fit the style of your property, from Georgian wooden windows, to Victorian wooden windows and much more. No matter what type or style of wooden windows you might require, we have you covered. Simply get in touch with us today, for a free quote.