Is Wood The Best Front Door?

For many people choosing a new front door can be a little daunting these days simply because there is so much choice, there’s many factors to consider along the way such as whether the door will suit your property’s exterior, color choice. But one of the most common problems that arises is people being unsure of what material to opt for.

A common misconception is that PVC doors last longer than a timber one, so we’re here to let you know that isn’t the case at all. With the right maintenance and aftercare a timber door can last anywhere between 56-65 years and it’s not unheard of for timber doors to carry on into the 100s of years still standing in excellent condition and UPV has an average life expectancy of 25-35 years.

So in this short blog we’re going to take a deep dive about looking after your timber doors and things you need to look out for to protect the lifespan of wooden doors.

Do Wood Doors Need Maintenance?

The first step is to carry out yearly inspections of your wooden door and frame; this helps check for any noticeable damage or general wear and tear. The perfect time to do this is usually during the spring and summer months, this allows any damage to be repaired before the good old winter weather starts to kick in. Natural sunlight also provides better lighting and makes flakey paint easier to spot.

Inspecting Your Wooden Front Door

Check The Door Regularly

The first step is to check the actual door itself and mainly look for any damaged or flakey paint as this affects the waterproofing of your door and the correct maintenance should be carried out as soon as possible, not forgetting to check the edges as this is one of the most common places damage could arise.

If you have opted for a door that includes glazing, check around the seals and edges for leakage or damage. If there is any damage we always suggest you seek help from a professional to fix this as it’s a delicate area should you attempt to DIY it you could potentially cause more damage.

Like anything else paint isn’t made to last forever so regular maintenance is a huge must. We always recommend repainting your door every 3/8 years.

The Framework of the Door 

It’s common for people to miss the frame completely when doing annual inspections but we know it’s one of the most important parts, it’s all part of being energy efficient so a damaged frame could let wind or water into your home easily.

Before you start your inspection you’re going to want to get a damp cloth and wipe down the area so you can get a better look at your door frame. Next look at the frame and check for and noticeable cracks or warping should you see any it’s critical they are fixed as soon as possible moisture must be avoided to prevent swelling of your doors

The next step is to go ahead and check for smaller dents or chips as this can also affect your doors seal and affect how your door works, if these minor issues aren’t corrected they could lead to bigger issues in the future.

Lastly check the framework for any flaking paintwork that is going to need repainting, make sure you prepare the area properly before carrying out your work.

Check Your Door Seals

It’s super important to keep your seals clean, you can ensure this is done by wiping them down with a damp cloth on a regular basis.

You also need to make sure your seals are still attached to the frame or the door without damage or breaks.

Seals not only protect from bad weather, it’s legally required under FD30S to prevent the speed of smoke, so damage to your seals must be attended to immediately.

Ensure Hinges Are Working As They Should Be

Opening and closing your wooden door should be effortless if this isn’t the case it’s time to add a little lubricant to the hinges.

It’s not uncommon for rust to develop over periods of time especially when they are in regular contact with unwanted moisture, should rust appear there are products on the market that help to remove it. Should the hinges become too damaged you would need to replace them completely.