What Is A Floating Staircase?

Floating staircases also known as a cantilever staircase are an architectural feature, that will create the impression that the steps are suspended in mid-air. This creates a more open air effect in any given space. It also makes the staircase more eye-catching in terms of design and is often a talking point when people first see them. One of the most distinguishing features of a floating staircase is its absence of conventional risers and stringers that are normally found on traditional staircases.

Why Choose A Floating Staircase?

1. The aesthetic appeal: Floating staircases will add a visual interest and sophistication to any home.

2. Because floating staircases have an open design, that allows the light to pass through them, it gives the impression of space in a room, where natural lighting may not be flooding in. This gives the illusion of space and can make the room seem larger and brighter.

3. Space Saving: The floating staircase design is particularly useful in smaller rooms; traditional stairs can take up a lot of room. They can also be tailored with a smaller footprint that allows for more effective use of space.

4. Floating staircases have long been associated with clean and modern design. Choosing this design can give you a more modern vibe and give the impression a property is on trend, it is often the preferred choice of forward thinking architects when they want a modern feel to a property.

5. A bold statement: Floating staircases make a strong statement which adds character and style to a building. Often seen as a work of art, floating staircases will showcase creative design and demonstrate excellent craftsmanship and originality.

Although having a floating staircase does have numerous benefits, they do require careful planning, professional installation and engineering and to ensure safety and structural integrity. If you have any questions regarding Floating staircases we would recommend chatting to one of our team at Raymond Good who will be more than happy to give you the best advice, before you make a final decision.

Getting A Floating Staircase Installed

Raymond Good Joiners specialise in design, manufacture and install of bespoke staircases we are renowned for our high-quality craftsmanship and design.

We provide a wide range of staircase such as traditional, floating designs and contemporary. Our team works closely with all of our clients to understand their specific requirements so that we can craft unique staircases that will compliment the overall aesthetic of any home.

We design and create floating staircases that will create visually captivating focal points in your home, we provide more than just staircase design services. Our experience also extends into balustrade installation, staircase renovation, handrail design as well.

We work with various materials like glass, wood and and metal that allows us to develop tailor made and bespoke solutions for our clients. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly members of staff, to discuss your requirements.